Do You Hang Up on Patients?

//Do You Hang Up on Patients?

Do You Hang Up on Patients?

Today I was calling printing companies to get services for a brochure we’ll be sending out soon. A number of printing service companies do not have pricing on their websites, so I called for a quote. At one of them, the lady on the phone asked for my specifications for my order, and then said, "Thank you. We’ll email you a quote in the next few minutes."

After I hung up, I was very puzzled. Having a live lead on the phone is not a trivial opportunity. This person fulfilling my quote request not only didn’t give me pricing on the spot, but neglected to even ask for my phone number for a follow-up call.

By hanging up on me, she left me no other option then to keep calling other companies on my list, one of which I selected for our brochure order.

When you have a potential patient on the line, do whatever you can to set up an appointment on the spot, or at least to set up a follow-up call so you can schedule an appointment then. You can’t expect someone to take the initiative on their own.

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