Domain Extensions for Chiropractors

//Domain Extensions for Chiropractors

Domain Extensions for Chiropractors

Yesterday we went over a free tool to help avoid spam flagging for your chiropractic website domain. You may have noticed there was a difference in the value of a .com and a .biz

These are called TLD’s or domain extensions.  Today, I’ll give you some guidelines to picking a good one.

First of all, always go with a .com if you can. This is the gold standard and helps with both client credibility and SEO. If you have a .com, especially for a competitive phrase, it means you either have had the website for a while, or the bankroll and motivation to buy it. Either reason is respected by Google.

Next best is .org. It can even arguably be better to have a .org, because that implies non-profit or "public good" to a lot of people.

After those two, it all falls down considerably. The best of the "lower" TLD’s is .net, but you’re better off taking a modified domain name with a .com. One of the bigger issues with the lower TLD’s is that someone might type in the .com equivalent instead and not find you.

Last but not least, if there’s any possible way to register a .gov or .mil (reserved for government & military), then you’ll have an enormous advantage, but chances are slim that this would ever happen. Stick to .com for your chiropractic website.

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