Empowering Your Chiropractic Support Staff

//Empowering Your Chiropractic Support Staff

Empowering Your Chiropractic Support Staff

As your practice and chiropractic website becomes more successful, there will be an increase in how much time you are unavailable to field calls, questions, and even complaints. You may be away from the office, and your receptionist or assistant may be running the ship without you.

There are two parts to maintaining a powerful support staff. The first is proper training. You can have a "handbook" or wiki for your staff to understand general guidelines and contingencies. They should know what to do if a patient tries to reschedule a half hour before his or her appointment and how to respond to a door-to-door solicitor.

However, there will always be times when an event happens which is not covered in training. This is where employee empowerment comes in. Get your support staff in the habit of making their own decisions without asking you for everything. The more they can do this with you around, the easier it will be when you’re not around. Also, the more you convey trust that your staff can make the right decisions, the more they’ll carry that belief themselves.

A caveat to this is that employee empowerment only works if you accept that mistakes happen, and are corrective but not berating if someone makes the wrong decision when you are unavailable. It requires discretion to tell if an error is "reasonable" or "unreasonable." As your practice grows from your chiropractic website marketing, you’ll find your support staff naturally mastering this ability.

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