Facebook Birthday Tip for Chiropractors

//Facebook Birthday Tip for Chiropractors

Facebook Birthday Tip for Chiropractors

Two months ago, while talking about chiropractic website promotion, we gave some advice on how you can make your patients feel more special on their birthdays. We mentioned e-cards, postcards, and phone calls, but somehow didn’t mention one of the simplest tricks of all.

If you have your patients connected to your Facebook page (as you should), then you will get a notice when a patients’ birthday comes up. You can also put these all in your Google calendar to set up reminders. This is important because Facebook doesn’t let you set up automatic reminders when a birthday comes.

Write "Happy Birthday," or some nice words on your patients’ Facebook wall on that day, and it will be really appreciated. Plus, other people who look on your comment may click to check out your chiropractic website. 


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