Follow These 5 Steps to Create a Great Call to Action

//Follow These 5 Steps to Create a Great Call to Action

Follow These 5 Steps to Create a Great Call to Action


Join Now. Sign up Today. Download a Free PDF. We have all come across these types of calls to action (CTAs) when on the internet. They may annoy you or entice you, but they are all specifically meant to do one thing: drive conversions in the form of leads or sales. By following the five outlined tips below, you can learn how to create great CTAs for your chiropractic practice.

1. Carefully Craft the Content of Your CTA:

Determine the content that is most valuable to you and your chiropractic practice. Take a moment to think about how the content will allow you to narrow down the offers and information you think your target audience will get the most value from.


2. Make the Offer Enticing:

Clearly communicate the value a user will receive upon giving their contact information. When creating a CTA, the offer needs to stand out as much as possible. It should be the second most visible aspect of the CTA, following the image that will make the user click, download, or sign up for your offer.


3. Use “Call to Action” Language:

A “call to action” is just as it sounds. You want to create a CTA that engages the user and encourages them to click through your site. The language should be direct and include words such as “learn, find, explore, discover, etc.” Keep this in mind as you write your CTA copy.


4. Keep It Simple:

The content you use for your CTA should be clear and simple. Of course, a CTA may contain more details about the product or offer the user will be receiving, but keep in mind that you do not want to overwhelm the user with too much information.


5. Design Matters:

Do not overlook the importance of design. Elements including: color, size, and placement all play a significant role when gathering information on your prospective lead. For example, if you choose the same color scheme for your CTA as the rest of your website, it will most likely go unnoticed and be lost. If the CTA is too small, it will be overlooked and/or dismissed. And, if it is too far down the page, the user might lose interest before they even see it. Extra attention to design will go a long way.


Now that you have learned what it takes to create your own call to action, why stop there? Learn more marketing tips for your chiropractic practice from our blog or call 1- 800-IMATRIX today and speak with one of our Internet Consultants.

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