Get the Most Out of Facebook’s Timeline

//Get the Most Out of Facebook’s Timeline

Get the Most Out of Facebook’s Timeline


Going back in time doesn’t mean you need to go 88 miles per hour….

While you may have become comfortable with Facebook’s Timeline layout over the past year, do you know how much easier it is to see the past using Timeline? You no longer need to climb into a Delorean to go back in time. Facebook’s Timeline makes viewing all of a business’s posts easy and has some great features to capitalize on.

As you may already know, Timeline is a picture-heavy version of Facebook. Make the most of it! For instance, utilize the Cover Photo that now takes up a large portion of the top of your business page. This is similar to a banner photo on your website and has the same type of function. When Timeline was launched, a Facebook spokesperson said, “The new cover photo captures the culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products — it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page.”

Layout Centered on Images

In addition to being more inviting, Timeline provides businesses with a large amount of visual real estate that can be used to promote new business ventures or services. The apps are also now in a very prominent spot on the page. In Timeline, apps are in the center of the page, at the top, and allow for customization. The placement and visual aspect of the apps drives Facebook users to interact with these apps on a more consistent basis.

Posting Capabilities for Your Practice

Along with layout reconfiguration, a page’s functionality has also been modified. Previous to Timeline, postings would stack up in the center of the page and would appear to fall off as the page filled up. The postings never actually disappeared, they just weren’t visible. However, with Timeline, you can view all of the posts on a page, as well as add backdated posts. For example, if your chiropractic practice opened in 1987, with Timeline you can add the milestone “Practice Opened” and backdate the post to 1987. To view the past, we no longer need Doc Brown, just Facebook Timeline.

The image below showcases some other great features of Timeline.
Facebook Timeline Features

1. The “pin to top” feature allows you to get more exposure for certain posts. A post that is pinned to the top of the Timeline will stay at the top for 7 days and all subsequent posts will appear below it. After the 7 days are up, the post will move to its proper position on the chronological timeline.

2. In Timeline layout, your posts are connected to an actual time LINE that runs down the center of the page. The posts are attached to the line in chronological order with small arrows. The posts will move back and forth to either side of the line when new posts are added, but remain in chronological order.

3. Invite comments and remarks in the “Recent Posts by Others” section of your page. People who like your page can make comments that will stay on the top and can be easily seen and accessed.

4. “Recommendations” is another section you should be utilizing on your page. If a patient has a great experience, ask them to leave a recommendation on your Facebook business page. These recommendations have a special section that is always at the top portion of the page.

5. The “Likes” section of your page shows pages that your business has liked. A best practice is for chiropractic practices to like other local businesses (such as other businesses in your building or neighborhood stores) or like minded organizations (such as healthy living practitioners or gyms that you refer patients to).

Timeline has another great feature which I have briefly alluded to in this article: the ability to scroll! Scrolling allows you to go down to the very first post that was made on your practice’s business page. This is where Facebook got the name “Timeline.” It’s a literal timeline of all your posts on Facebook.

Just like traveling back in time, the features and functionality of Timeline can be a little scary but can have a big impact on your practice. However, Marty McFly would probably have much rather seen the past via Facebook that by driving that Delorean. The Timeline layout provides some great avenues that you can utilize to improve your practice’s online social presence.

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