Getting Started with SEO-Friendly Content for Your Chiropractic Business

//Getting Started with SEO-Friendly Content for Your Chiropractic Business

Getting Started with SEO-Friendly Content for Your Chiropractic Business


Well-written content for your chiropractic website is important for increasing your online ranking and credibility. When writing content, you will want to include keywords to help you show up in search engines as well as provide content that makes sense for your business.

Want to know where to get started? Follow these 5 tips when writing SEO-friendly content so it clearly conveys your chiropractic message. 
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5 Tips to Building a Good Content Base

1.Know your audience. Write your content in a way that attracts new chiropractic patients as well as keeping your current patients informed. Information, such as location, practice history and services, is what new patients will be looking for when reading content on your site. 

2.Make your headings catchy. When writing your headings, have them concisely sum up the point of your content while also using wording to engage the reader.

3.Stick to a specific word count. Although you may have a lot of information to share when it comes to your chiropractic practice, it is essential for you to highlight key points first and then fill in only the absolutely necessary details later. Additional information on specific chiropractic and wellness topics can be used in blogs, press releases, or through your social media communication. Keep under 500 words for a page of content and under 350 words for a blog as best practice.

4.Don’t be too technical. A patient will want you to be explanatory when discussing the services you offer, but you want to steer clear from using chiropractic jargon that won’t be as familiar to patients that are not active parts of your industry. Make it informative, but readable so that viewers do not lose interest in what you are saying. 

5.Give your content a second look. After you have outlined the points and keywords you want to include, you can create a rough draft. After you have written your content, then give your content a second look to catch any misspellings or grammar errors that may have occurred. Make sure the content reflects what you want your business to portray. 

Content is meant to provide information and it is one of main ways search engines determine your ranking online. Make sure your content is grabs the reader’s attention because if it is poorly written, this can cause a reader to disengage with your website. 

If you have questions about creating SEO-friendly content for your chiropractic business, call us at 1-800-IMATRIX and speak with one of our Internet Consultants. We will be happy to discuss with you the right service package for your business. 

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