Google+ for Chiropractors and Organic SEO

//Google+ for Chiropractors and Organic SEO

Google+ for Chiropractors and Organic SEO


Google is the leader in the organic and paid search engine optimization world. Our previous blogs and ebooks discuss how Google+ should be a priority for chiropractors and this is due to the fact that Google+ can affect a chiropractor’s organic search engine rankings.

Google+: Not Just a Social Network

Google+ is not just a social network because Google integrates all of its products and services. This integration means that Google+ is closely tied to Google Maps (Google+ Local) and to YouTube and to Google Search…the list goes on from here. Just look at the top navigation bar on your Google+ Page or Gmail account or even Google Calendar.

Google Service Integration

This integration gives your business an advantage. As Google+ is tied to all other Google services, Google+ Posts and Business Pages often appear in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). There are a few ways you can use your practice’s Google+ Business Page to get more real estate on Google.

Google+ Local: Merge Your Listings

If your chiropractic practice has a Google+ Business Page, you have hopefully already merged it with your practice’s Google+ Local listing. If not, follow these steps to merge a Google+ Business Page with Google+ Local Listings. Next, optimize your practice’s Google+ and ensure the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) of your practice are correct in your Google listing by completing an NAP audit. Ask satisfied patients to leave reviews on your Google+ Local Page. An optimized Google+ Local Page that showcases reviews and features social posts provides users with a better experience and shows more information on the SERPs.

Google Maps Listing with Reviews and Google+ Page

Google Authorship for Chiropractors

See what looks like a byline in this blog? That’s Google Authorship. It tells Google who wrote this blog and provides background on the author. Simply adding a small amount of code to your blog that links back to your personal Google+ profile improves your overall SEO. The example below shows how a blog with Google Authorship looks in a SERP. Authorship automatically adds your Google+ photo to the blog listing, which helps to set it apart from other listings in the SERP and builds your authority on the subject.

Google Authorship in a SERP

Adding Google Authorship is easy, just follow these 4 Easy Steps for Authorship Setup.

Optimized Google+ Postings

You can do two easy things to optimize your posts on your practice’s Google+ Business Page. To start, use relevant keywords in the content of your post. In the example below, “Local Search” is a keyword in the post and in the metadata of the blog. Next, add a hashtag that is a keyword. In the same example, “#localsearch” was added as a hashtag to the post. A hashtag on Google+ makes it a searchable term on Google and Google+.

Hashtags in a Google+ Post

Keywords and hashtags should always relate to the post. Do not hashtag anything that is popular but unrelated to your post because it will actually damage your SEO.

These easy optimization tips for Google+ enable you to get more real estate in organic search results. In the example below, simple optimization makes my post show up in a search for “Video testimonials.”

Google SERPs with Google Authorship

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