Guided Missile Chiropractic Success

//Guided Missile Chiropractic Success

Guided Missile Chiropractic Success

In the groundbreaking book "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz, we’re introduced to the concept of seeing your subconscious mind as a guided missile. You give it a target and shoots towards your goal. When you go off base, you get a signal and auto-correct. A missile will veer too far to the left and auto-correct, moving to the right. Then if it overcompensates to the right, it changes back veering left.

I’ve heard that for 99% of a missile’s journey, it is off-course in some way, zig-zagging along. As a chiropractor with wealth dreams for your practice and your website, you have to see yourself in the same way. Maybe you’ll understate the importance of your care to a new patient and lose him. Maybe you’ll hard-sell another patient on your care and lose her. These mistakes are not failures, but signals to your guidance system that improve your calibration.

The benefit that a missile has that we don’t is the lack of emotion, and self punishment. If a missile behaved like we do, every time the wind pushed it a little too far to the left, it would give up and drop to the ground, forgetting about the target. This is part of the intimidating power of characters like the Terminator and the sociopath stalker from "No Country for Old Men."

You don’t have to have a heart of stone to hit your targets effectively, but you do need to learn to embrace mistakes instead of punish yourself for them. You also don’t even need to consciously think of what you should learn from a mistake. Just make a note of it and move forward. 

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