Guilt by Association in Marketing

//Guilt by Association in Marketing

Guilt by Association in Marketing

When you’re marketing your chiropractic website, you may find that some ideas seem good to you, but are too close to what some unsavory characters are currently doing.

The best example was a recent email from Tony Robbins for a business seminar.  The subject of the email was "We guarantee you 1 million dollars but you must act now."

I wasn’t sure if our favorite success guru’s email was hacked or if he started outsourcing his email marketing to Nigeria.  Either way, the title was strikingly close to what a scammer would say.  Even if your patient knows who you are, having a similar message can make you look less credible.

Most of you won’t make a mistake this  bad with your chiropractic website marketing, but it’s a concept to keep in mind

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