How Does Natural Language Affect SEO?

//How Does Natural Language Affect SEO?

How Does Natural Language Affect SEO?

By: Lara Vukelich

SEO is at the center of any internet marketing strategy. When you make your website optimized for search engines, it helps you reach local patients who are turning to the web to find a chiropractor. Without optimizing your wonderful content, it may never be found. The good news is that SEO is something you can take into your own hands. The even better news is that keyword stuffing is a thing of the past, and forced keywords are also on their way out and natural language is in. What does this mean for your website’s SEO? You should start rethinking the way you optimize your content.

The Future of Search

Search engines are starting to serve up search results based on the intentions of the user. If a searcher says “Where can I get my spine adjusted?,” the search engine may return results that include local chiropractors. In the past, a user may have only seen results that focused primarily on the words “spine” and “adjusted,” which would probably lead to at least some irrelevant pages.

Natural Language and SEO

Voice Search

Smart phones offer voice search recognition systems like Siri and Cortana to make searching easier than ever for users. These systems are also impacting how you need to optimize your website. If someone searches for a chiropractor using Siri on an iPhone, for instance, he is more likely to say, “Where is the closest chiropractor?” than “Chiropractor San Diego.” If the content on your website is built around keywords like “Chiropractor San Diego,” your website may not get found by people searching using a voice system.

Optimizing Your Chiropractic Content

So, how does natural language affect SEO? Start creating content for your practice's website that is written more naturally, rather than choosing a few keywords and writing your content around those words. Use titles for your blogs that are likely to match a natural language search. For instance, “What is spinal decompression?” or “How to stretch your back” would likely come up in search engine results related to similar queries.

Also think about the terms that people use in real conversation when you optimize your site. For example, while you may prefer to be called a doctor of chiropractic, remember that patients are more likely to call you a chiropractor in a search, and your website content should reflect that.

Including natural language on your website will improve your SEO moving forward. Need some new website content, or have other questions about SEO? Contact one of our ChiroMatrix Internet Consultants today for a review of your current website SEO at 1-800-IMATRIX.


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