How to Attract the Right Followers on Social Media

//How to Attract the Right Followers on Social Media

How to Attract the Right Followers on Social Media


As a chiropractor, you know that a social media presence is essential to your success. The pages for your practice have been created and you are now wondering what content will appeal to your followers. The followers on your chiropractic pages are important to the success of your overall marketing strategy. Below, we have compiled several tips to help you get and keep the right followers on your social media.

Attract the Right Followers

Upload Your Patient Contact List

The best way to ensure followers of your pages are the right ones is to keep a list of patient email addresses and upload them to your pages. This guarantees your followers have had some interaction with your chiropractic practice and these are the patients you want to keep coming back.

Upload Your Contact List

Social media is a great way to remind your patients about your services and tell them about your specials. Always keep a current patient list and upload it to your social media once a month.

Post Relevant Chiropractic Content

When choosing content to share on social media, make sure it is relevant to your followers. Don’t post articles with technical chiropractic language they won’t understand. Instead, find content that is positive, funny, and relevant. Images and videos are a great way to get the message out about chiropractic and wellness.

Share Relevant Content

Don’t Spam Your Audience

Nobody wants to be overloaded by posts from one person or business. Find a good schedule for sharing your chiropractic content on social media. Star with sharing content twice a week and see what type of interactions you get from your followers. It’s a good idea to post when your office is open so patients are reminded about your services and they can schedule an appointment right away.

Don't Spam Your Followers

Managing a successful social media campaign can seem like a lot of work, but with practice and the right frame of mind, it can be rewarding for both you and your audience. Always set goals for your practice and plan out how to achieve them. Before you know it, your chiropractic social media posts will get lots of engagement and comments.

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