How to Create an Effective PPC Landing Page

//How to Create an Effective PPC Landing Page

How to Create an Effective PPC Landing Page


Landing pages serve as an introduction to patients to the products and services you provide. Landing pages should be created with a specific goal in mind: conversions. You must design a clean landing page that is not cluttered with any marketing that strays from your initial goal. The message must be simple with a compelling call-to-action that will encourage a response from patients who want your services.

Defined Headline

Write a headline that is simple and succinct so potential chiropractic patients will feel like they are on the right page and be more likely to engage.

Provide Logo and Contact Information

Make sure to keep your business logo and contact information near the top of the landing page so it can be easily found. Your telephone number should be clickable to allow a visitor the ability to call directly from their mobile device while on your landing page.

Effective Landing Page Design

A Good Call-To-Action Is Essential

The call-to-action is the most important part of your landing page. The sole purpose of the landing page is to drive potential patients to fill out your lead generation form. Therefore, your form needs to be centrally located, easy to see and defined clearly. You do not want to frustrate potential patients with a form that is too long or asks too many personal questions. Use images to help boost more positive responses.

Using Video and Imagery

Choose images that will draw eyes to your lead generation form. Include photos that are relevant to your practice such as a picture of you, your staff, or your waiting room. Using video is also an effective tool to capture the attention of a potential patient without having to write out your services. A video will allow you to provide an introduction to your practice and an idea of what the experience would be like coming into your office.

Curate Testimonials

When you portray how your previous patients have benefited from your services, this will give potential patients confidence to enter their personal information into your lead generation form. Incorporate social links to share,+1, or Like the page to further this assurance when patients begin to interact with the landing page.

Perform Testing

An effective landing page means you are getting conversions. To get conversions, you must test your pages. Make minor changes to see what works and what kind of interaction is received. Test, but don’t over-test. Finding the right formula for your landing page can be an art form highly valuable to your chiropractic business.

Keep in mind that the main goal of your landing page is to entice patients to provide their information and fill out your lead generation form. If you keep these simple design thoughts in place when creating your own landing page, you will see success.

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