How to Search Optimize YouTube Videos for Video Marketing

//How to Search Optimize YouTube Videos for Video Marketing

How to Search Optimize YouTube Videos for Video Marketing

By: Fletcher Walters

Optimizing videos for search engines is an important piece to online and search marketing. While shooting videos with video marketing techniques, it is important to keep in mind the overall goal of the video; to broadcast your chiropractic services and convert viewers into patients. Getting first page placement on a search helps drive viewership, visitors to your chiropractic website, and appointments set. Follow these important steps in order to maximize the potential of an online video production for your chiropractic practice.

  1. Title, Description, & Tags

    Videos are organized throughout popular video hosting sites by way of Titles, Descriptions, and tags for each video. Your chiropractic video title should be shaped around a specific keyword or keyword phrase, like chiropractic practice or chiropractic care. The title should be no longer than 66 characters as the title will be shortened when displayed in a search engine. Tags and descriptions can be a bit longer and can contain more secondary keywords in order to help categorize your video and communicate the ideas and concepts of your video. Including a link in the description of your video is important to help funnel visitors to your website. Creating landing pages that are relevant to the content of this video will cater to a particular type of visitor and increase your conversion rate.


  2. Embeds & Links

    Improve video search optimization by way of other websites linking and embedding your video as they both act as an inbound link respectively. Accumulating a variety of related sources that deem your video important enough to share will encourage search engines to promote your video that much more.

  3. Video Views

    Each online video has a counter built into the video player. Encourage views as soon as your video is published as one of the major ranking factors for Google and YouTube video searches are the popularity of videos. By increasing your views in a short amount of time, Google will determine your video to be more popular than a similar video that may not get as many views per day.


  4. Social Chatter

    Most video sites like YouTube act as a social network in itself allowing users to review, comment, and save videos to playlists as a part of a viewership social network. Generating commentary and reviews of videos is a means to communicating the importance and relevancy of your video to your topic. Encourage commentary and be sure to progress conversations in a professional manner as commentary is displayed with the video.

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