How To Set Up Google Plus Pages

//How To Set Up Google Plus Pages

How To Set Up Google Plus Pages

How to Set Up Your Google Plus Page
for Your Chiropractic Practice


Google is one of the Internet’s most powerful search engines offering a collection of useful business tools. Their social media outlet, Google Plus, integrates with all Google products, which for the most part is your one stop location for all things Internet.

For this ChiroMatrix blog, we will go through how to set up your Google Plus page for your chiropractic practice, which can be done in a few simple steps.

First, you must have a Google account. If you don’t have an account with Google, setting one up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

–    Click on “Sign in” on Google’s home page and then go to “Create an account for free.” This will automatically assign you a Gmail account which will be your username for all of Google’s products.  Providing your mobile phone and current email address are optional.

–    After you have registered for your Google account, go to:

–    Click on Create your Google + page. This will bring you to a page like this one.

Create a Google + Page

Second, there are five options to choose from: Select “Local Business or Place” as seen in the screenshot.

Third, once you have created your business page it is important to customize your profile. It’s best to give a brief description of your chiropractic practice, as well as upload a profile photo. After you have finished this, click Continue.

Customize Your Profile Page

Lastly, you can share your new chiropractic business page with your followers, friends and even customers; they can learn more about your practice and join your network. You can add people by name, circles or email addresses, but this step is completely optional.

Share Your Google + Page

To move forward with setup, just click “Finish.” You still can always add photos or posts and choose to share your new page after further customization.

And, you’re done! Your Google Plus chiropractic business page is live and you can continue uploading photos, posting updates and connecting with others right away!

Using Google + as a Page

Keep in mind that the above steps are correct to date, but as you may know Google makes changes almost daily, so they are subject to change. However, by setting up your Google Plus chiropractic business page, you are improving your presence on the Internet.

To learn more about how Google Plus and other social media can benefit your practice, contact ChiroMatrix to discuss our Social Media Service at 1-800-IMATRIX.

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