How to Share Chiropractic Videos on Google+

//How to Share Chiropractic Videos on Google+

How to Share Chiropractic Videos on Google+


Did you know that Google+ has grown to include over 540 million active users? (MediaBistro, Dec 2013) This makes Google’s social network second only to Facebook in terms of total users, and it continues to grow. In addition to being the 2nd largest social network, Google+ also boasts the advantage of integrating seamlessly with YouTube, which translates to easy video sharing for business users like you. If you want to add some variety to your Google+ posts, including videos is a great option. Not only are videos engaging, but they allow you to communicate a lot of information about your chiropractic practice in a just a few minutes. So, you have a video ready to go? Good — it’s time to share it with your Circles on Google+!

Option 1:  Using the Google+ YouTube Connection

The easiest way to share videos on Google+ is to link your Google+ Business Page to your own YouTube Channel. Why is this so easy? You won’t need to do any extra “uploading” at all. Once videos are uploaded to your linked YouTube Channel, they will automatically be made available on your Google+ page via the “YouTube” tab.

***This is method we recommend for sharing videos on Google+ since it benefits your SEO and enables you to edit your videos using the YouTube tools.***  For more information, please check out our previous blog on how to link your Google+ Business Page to your YouTube account.

Google+ Video on YouTube

Option 2: Uploading Directly to Google+

If you don’t have a YouTube Channel and aren’t interest in one — or you don’t want to link your YouTube Channel to your Google+ Business Page – don’t worry. Linking to YouTube is not the only way to share video content on your Google+ page. You are allowed to share videos by manually uploading them on Google+. This option is ideal if you don’t own the YouTube Channel where the video was first shared, but you are allowed to share the video. For instance, if a chiropractic client records a video testimonial about your spinal adjustment services and doesn’t want it shared on your YouTube Channel, you will still be able to add it to your Google+ page. Here is how to upload a video right to Google+:

1.    Click on the “Videos” Tab.

Upload Videos to Google+

2.    Select “Upload new videos.”
3.    Either drag the file from your desktop or open the file browser.

Drag Video to Upload to Google+

4.    Select the video file to upload. This will take some time depending on your connection and the size of the file.

Video Uploading to Google+ 

5.    Create a caption for the video and select “Done.”

You will be taken to a sharing option that enables you to share the video with your circles and the public right away. You must share the video to have it post to your Google+ page.  That’s it.

Looking for more tips about using video for marketing your chiropractic practice? Call 1-800-IMATRIX to speak to a knowledgeable ChiroMatrix Internet Consultant about how you can use video to garner more interest in your business.


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