How to Utilize Google Hangouts for Chiropractors

//How to Utilize Google Hangouts for Chiropractors

How to Utilize Google Hangouts for Chiropractors


A Google+ Hangout is a live video conversation between at least two people on Google’s social media network. It can be a platform for a private conversation between a group of people, similar to Skype, or it can be a featured conversation that members of the public can view. They can serve as an excellent source of information from subject matter experts in a particular field.

Google+ Hangouts can be an excellent marketing resource for Chiropractors. One exceptional marketing tactic that they can be applied to is using them to address a commonly asked question and broadcasting it to thousands of people. By simply holding a live Google+ Hangout, a Chiropractor can address a question such as “What is spinal decompression?” to a large audience. There is more value than ever by producing a video for the internet and showcasing your knowledge.

Google+ Hangouts

Hangout with Patients and Colleagues

In order to start the live Google+ Hangout, the conversation must be conducted through two Google+ personal profiles, instead of through your chiropractic Google+ Business Page. After hosting the live Google+ Hangout, YouTube automatically generates a copy of the conversation that you can then post to your Google+ Business Page. You will be able to gather an audience after the live conversation is over.

Start a Google+ Hangout

It can also be an excellent tool for fostering communication with other professionals in the field and even with patients. You can now personally connect with patients and colleagues no matter where you are, to build more solid relationships. For instance, if a patient has a brief question about a condition, you can have a personal discussion about it through a Google+ Hangout session.

It can also be a valuable tool in promoting a type of service that you are offering. For instance, if your Google Hangouts on Google+practice now offers Reiki, you can take the opportunity to let people know what Reiki is and why it’s beneficial to patient care.

Ultimately Google+ Hangouts allow users to communicate in a way that they’ve never been able to until now. With the ability to have full video and audio, between multiple users, it gives a full multimedia experience. How have you used a Google+ Hangout for your practice?

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