Is Your Name on Your Chiropractic Pizza Box?

//Is Your Name on Your Chiropractic Pizza Box?

Is Your Name on Your Chiropractic Pizza Box?

Today we have another "break room food" edition of the blog.

To celebrate some recent achievements for ChiroMatrix, we had pizza delivered to the break room. We were treated to a half dozen types of pizza, and it was all delicious. I was curious what place had made the pizza, so I could go there on my own sometime.

The pizza box said "Made by your neighborhood pizzeria." You couldn’t find the actual name of the pizzeria anywhere on the box. Does that pizza shop have any idea how much branding they’re losing out on by using a generic box without their name on it? Most customers will not take the time to find out a name of a service provider if it’s the slightest bit difficult. A couple hours later after eating, I still haven’t bothered to ask anyone the name of the pizzeria. By tomorrow, I might have forgotten about the pizza entirely.

If you’re giving or selling any sort of product from your practice, be it supplements, joint braces, or anything else, make sure you at least have a sticker with your practice information on it. Ideally, you’d have your name on the actual product label. You never know who might pick it up and wonder where it came from. 

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