Leaning into Your Chiropractic Marketing Fears

//Leaning into Your Chiropractic Marketing Fears

Leaning into Your Chiropractic Marketing Fears

When working on your chiropractic website and practice, you will find yourself in situations that make you a little uncomfortable. The fear might come from charging patients at higher fees, submitting press releases that make your name more recognizable, or giving a speech in front of a large group of people.

These scary situations are common throughout your entire career and the chiropractors and business owners who are the most successful are the ones who lean into their fears instead of lean away from them. You don’t have to aggressively do things that terrify you, but to consistently move in the direction of things that make you nervous will help a lot.

Accepting that discomfort is a part of growing and that you will make mistakes along the way will make it a lot easier to go through some of these career challenges. There are, of course, some risky and irresponsible ideas that would make anyone uncomfortable to consider doing. The way to tell for sure is to ask yourself, "Is discomfort the main reason I don’t want to do this?" If so, then move ahead.

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