Making a Marketing Plan for 2015

///Making a Marketing Plan for 2015

Making a Marketing Plan for 2015


A new year often means a new beginning, even for your practice. That’s more than just sentiment too. Unless you are in the retail industry, Q4 is typically the slowest and Q1 is often the busiest. When it comes for chiropractic online marketing, a lot of this is coming from simple search volume. If you put related search terms for your practice into Google Trends, you will likely see a clear downturn in searches in November and December and then a sudden spike in January. This is absolutely true for chiropractors and others in the wellness industry.

Making a SEO Marketing Plan for 2015

Many chiropractors ask: How do I make sure that 2015 is the year I capitalize on this spike and grow my business?

Your first priority should be to make sure new patients can find your practice. This means making sure your SEO is in good shape. Check your chiropractic content, including title tags, structured data, and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), to make sure they are all correct. Again, Google Trends is a great tool to use for this check. Check the popularity of search terms in your local market and tailor your chiropractic content accordingly. Also, make sure to look through your Google Webmaster tools, check the search queries with an average rank of 8-20, and create content for it. Since you are already ranking for those queries, you will see fast results by creating a few well optimized content pieces.

However, Google Webmaster tools can be used more than that too.

In 2014, Google state it would promote mobile friendly sites in mobile searches, so if your chiropractic website isn’t mobile responsive you are already lagging behind your competitors. Update your website to a responsive design as soon as possible and keep a close watch on your webmaster tools. You might see something like this appear:

Webmaster Tools and Mobile Responsiveness

This new mobile usability reporting feature is slowly being rolled out by Google and will provide valuable insights into how well you are integrating this technology.

Once a potential patient has found your chiropractic website, you want to make it easy for them to schedule an appointment. Use language people are searching for on your chiropractic website and people are more likely to convert into new patients. If you are running PPC or another form of advertising online, tailor your landing pages to the different ad-groups you are running. If you are running a free massage promotion, make sure you have a specific landing page for it, do not point those potential patients to your homepage. Be sure that your practice’s contact details are clearly displayed on every page of your website and include a button that links directly to a contact form as well.

Your chiropractic online marketing strategy for 2015 does not have to be based on guesses as to what the year will bring. Best practices for the foreseeable future are similar to the ones in 2014. Create high quality chiropractic content, keep your website’s design current, and make sure you are offering what people are looking for.

Get help with your chiropractic online marketing strategy for 2015. Call 1-800-462-8749 to schedule a personalized, one-on-one strategy session.


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