Microtasks in Chiropractic Marketing

//Microtasks in Chiropractic Marketing

Microtasks in Chiropractic Marketing

One big time-saver in your chiropractic marketing is identifying and completing microtasks.

I call these "microtasks" because they take two minutes or less to do. A lot of junk you’re procrastinating about could be done very quickly, sometimes in under 30 seconds.

For example, even a big shipping box that’s lying around your main office could probably be thrown out within a minute, but it’s been put off. During all this time, you could have moved in and out much more quickly and been significantly more efficient in your operations. Other microtasks could include a call that has to be made, an upload to make for your chiropractic website, and other tiny tasks.

Remember that every time you think "Oh yeah, I have to do X," you’re taking up mental space and energy, so it’s much better to have those little things out of the way.

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