New Features in AdWords This Year

//New Features in AdWords This Year

New Features in AdWords This Year


If you are currently using Google AdWords to promote your chiropractic practice, you are likely aware that AdWords is continually being enhanced and new features are always appearing. Last year, key changes to AdWords included location and time-based bid management, enchanced sitelinks, and dynamic remarketing to name a few. There is already buzz about new features coming and others that have already been released so far this year. It’s looking like it will be another eventful year for AdWords, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

Further Integration with Google Services

Much like other businesses, Google chooses to promote its own products and services when possible. Previously, AdWords location extensions allowed an advertiser to manually enter a location, as well as connect a location using Google Places. However, now, an advertiser can only connect their practice’s location using their business Google+ account. Additionally, AdWords took social extensions to a self-promotional level by allowing only Google+ as the social network option and removing Facebook and Twitter as options.

Ads Are Becoming Obvious

Google Ads Are Becoming Obvious

Recently, we said “goodbye” to the subtle peach backdrops and “hello” to newer, more obvious ads on Google. All AdWords listings are clearly market with a yellow tag labeled “Ads.” This change clearly sets off paid ads from organic search results and is intended to provide a more transparent user experience for the Google user and promotes the AdWords platform to potential advertisers.

Product Listing Ads Are More Prominent

Product listing ads, or PLAs, are migrating from the right side of the search results pages to a prominent position above the standard text ads. This change may result in more traffic for PLA campaigns and less traffic for standard text campaigns just based on the higher exposure. If you have the opportunity to use PLAs to advertise your chiropractic practice, this feature can improve your advertising ROI.

AdWords is a constantly changing, ever-improving platform for advertisers. If you use AdWords to market your chiropractic business, it is important to stay up to date with new features and changes to be sure you get the most ROI. If you need help staying on top of all these changes, call 1-800-IMATRIX. Our Internet Consultants are standing by to advise you on your chiropractic advertising strategy.


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