Online Reputation Management Tips

//Online Reputation Management Tips

Online Reputation Management Tips


Managing your chiropractic practice’s online reputation can be challenging and take up a considerable amount of time. While online reputation management can be a full-time acitvity, there are a few things you can do to streamline the process.

Set Up Google Alerts

Start by setting up “Google Alerts” for the name of your chiropractic practice. Go to Google Alerts and fill out what types of alerts you want, how you want to see the results, the frequency of the alerts, and designate the delivery method. Choose an email address you check every day so you can reply to any posts in a timely manner.

Google Alerts for Reputation Management

Claim Your Chiropractic Practice’s Yelp Page

Although you may have not set up a Yelp page for your practice, it may still exist. Yelp allows users to create pages for chiropractic practices in order to leave a review. One of the best ways for local businesses like chiropractors to manage their online reputation is to claim their Yelp page or create a Yelp page.

Yelp for Businesses and Online Reviews

Navigate to Yelp and search for your practice’s name. If a listing does not exist for your practice, create a page. You are required to set up an account to create and manage a business listing. Set up a business account so you have access to Yelp’s advertising options later on.

Social and Hashtag Searches

Creating a strong presence on social media and hashtag searches are other great ways to manage your chiropractic online reputation. Creating a strong chiropractic social media presence (link to blog) can take time and effort, but is instrumental in managing your reputation. Certain networks, like Facebook and Google+, allow patients to leave reviews for chiropractors and local businesses. Pay attention to any patient reviews (you can set up email alerts) and respond to every review, whether the review is positive or negative. The best way to respond to negative chiropractic reviews is by asking happy patients for positive reviews.

Social Reviews for Businesses

Hashtags are popular for tagging people, places, and businesses on social media. Hashtags are presently used on Facebook and Google+, but have the longest history on Twitter. Use hashtags to your advantage by searching for hashtags of your practice’s name. It’s a great way to see what patients are saying about your practice and the services you offer.

Hashtags for Online Search

Looking for more tips about how to manage your chiropractic reputation online? Call 1-800-IMATRIX to speak to an experienced Internet Consultant.


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