Optimize a Google Page for Your Chiropractic Business

//Optimize a Google Page for Your Chiropractic Business

Optimize a Google Page for Your Chiropractic Business

Optimize a Google+ Page for Your Chiropractic Business

By: Jacques Taylor

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly evolving with changing algorithms and formulas to calculate your website’s relevance.  In regards to Google specifically, there are over 400 million users signed up for their social media platform, Google+, which means that traffic and links from Google+ can be used to take your SEO to the next level. This blog will serve as a short guide on how to optimize your Google+ Business Page.

Maintain Consistency with Title Tags

Your page’s title tag is recognized by Google as your chiropractic business name. This title tag will appear in posts and serve as identification for users wanting to add you in their Circles, so it is important to keep consistent with your branding.  A keyword-rich business description that is less than 85 characters should also be included.

Make Your Introduction Keyword Rich

Use your targeted keywords to optimize your introduction.  You can help your keywords stand out by bolding or italicizing them. Also, hyperlink specific keywords back to relevant pages on your website.


Provide Optimized Photos/Videos

Upload a logo and banner photo to your page. When naming these photo files, provide a description of the picture and include keywords when applicable. Videos can be used as marketing tools to increase engagement. Videos with interesting and relevant information increase the likelihood of viewers sharing them with their own social networks.


Recommend and Promote Social Links

Connect people to your other social media platforms such as your practice’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube through the links section.  Also, include a link to your chiropractic website as well as to your blog. Use your other social media accounts to alert others about your new Google+ page and to increase the number of people directly connected to you on Google+.

Add +1’s

plusone_button.pngGoogle +1’s can improve your search engine rankings.  Add the +1 option to any current marketing information you have to encourage engagement with your page and your posts.

Implement Badges, Buttons, and Authorization

For easy user navigation and an increase in click-through rates, add a Google+ button, authorship and badge to your website that directly links to your Google+ page.  Having Google+ authorship will also alert Google of your official Google+ page.

Get Familiar with Google+ Circles, Hangouts and Reviews

GooglePlusHierarchicalCircles.pngHangouts let you set up a video chat with both clients and colleagues. This can be useful for live demonstrations and tutorials. It can also provide you valuable feedback on your services from clients or just give you an opportunity to connect with your audience face-to-face.

Circles allow you to create groups for your followers by categories such as location or interest. Sharing the relevant content with a targeted group will make your content more valuable, shareable and welcome to your followers.

Customer reviews on Google tend to increase the number of click-through from potential clients and are essential to your local rankings. Starting in July of last year, Google displayed only your Google reviews to potential clients viewing your local listing.

Be Active

Make sure to update your Google+ business page with fresh and engaging content on a consistent basis. Google rewards new, relevant content and by keeping consistent, the visibility of your page will improve in search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that building a strong social media presence will not happen overnight. Learn more by calling 1-800-IMATRIX to see how our Social Service can help elevate your chiropractic business to the next level.

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