Paid Search vs. SEO for Chiropractors

//Paid Search vs. SEO for Chiropractors

Paid Search vs. SEO for Chiropractors

One of our favorite readers recently wrote in and brought up the point about whether paid search is enough, or if your chiropractic website should also be optimized for organic search as well.

The truth is, you should ideally have both bases covered.  Generally, organic search results are trusted more and get more click-throughs.  Also, once you’re actually in the top spots, all the clicks are basically free.

The benefit from paid search comes from getting traffic and patients from Google RIGHT NOW instead of waiting.  Also, having your practice on both sides of the web page helps boost credibility.

This is why ChiroMatrix works hard to optimize BOTH paid and organic search to give our clients the maximum benefit for their chiropractic websites.  We can’t do this for all clients, but on a case by case basis, make arrangements for chiropractors dedicated to growing their businesses.

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