Promoting Social Media Pages for Your Chiropractic Business

//Promoting Social Media Pages for Your Chiropractic Business

Promoting Social Media Pages for Your Chiropractic Business


Social media can seem like a mystery for those not as familiar with technology. But social media is simply another means to communicate with your chiropractic patients. For example, when you provide great service, one of your patients might share this with their friends, which has the potential to bring you new patients. However, if your patient shares their great experience via social media, their message can reach a larger audience by being carried through their social network.


A study shows that “only 15% of consumers said that they had not used the Internet to find a local business," which means that this opens your chiropractic practice to the majority of people who do look to the Internet to make decisions on local businesses. By promoting your own social media profiles, you increase your business’ online presence. Here are five ways to start promoting:

1. Make sure your website has your social media icons. For easy instructions on how to add icons, click on this link to our knowledgebase.  You can preview an example at: Social media icons are one of the easiest ways your clients can find your social media pages so they can “like” or “follow” your business.

2. Use your social media links in your email signature. If you are responding to a patient or potential patient, having your reply email contain your social media links allows them to learn more about your business.  

3. Encourage engagement with a call-to-action. Our ChiroMatrix iCard, which is included in our Social Media Service, allows you to email your client list a personal announcement to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business pages.

4. Set up visual reminders such as on your appointment cards or via a sign in your chiropractic office. Let people know why they should like your page, such as “Like us on Facebook to keep updated with our office news and to learn more about health and wellness.”

5. Post current community events. Creating engagement on your social media can be done by giving updates on fun and interesting events occurring in your area. Also, engage your patients by running a contest on social media. For example, when you reach 100 likes, reward the 100th member with a $5 gift card, discount one of your services, or just a public congratulations on your social media profile.

Promoting your social media pages for your chiropractic business will give you greater access to potential patients and you will become more engaged with your current ones. To learn more about our Social Media Service and the power of promotion, call 1-800-IMATRIX (1-800-462-8749) and learn how social media will help increase your patient engagement.

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