ROI for Chiropractic Social Media

//ROI for Chiropractic Social Media

ROI for Chiropractic Social Media

Smart business sense demands you make a profit when you spend money on initiatives, particularly on the internet where things are so well tracked. With your chiropractic website, it’s not always going to be clear how your money is coming back to you when you use social media.

As you’re building a Twitter following or Facebook friends list, you might be spending on advertising or paying an assistant to help market yourself. Social Media, like search engine optimization, requires some time to build up, so you will not necessarily see how much money it’s made you until you’ve put the bulk of your efforts in.

To track this the best you can, ask every new patient how he or she found you. This will at least help cover your new acquisitions. Keep in mind that you’ll never really be able to get a firm number for how your social media marketing affects your repeat appointments. 


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