Scheduling Summer Hours on Google

//Scheduling Summer Hours on Google

Scheduling Summer Hours on Google

Whether you’re planning on taking a well-deserved vacation this summer or closing up your office a few hours early during the week, you’ll want to make sure you communicate any changes to your patients. Neglecting to inform patients of any changes in your hours could reflect negatively on your practice. You wouldn’t want to lose a patient by having them show up to an empty office, would you? Of course not! Here’s everything you need to know about scheduling your office’s summer hours.

Google My Business Hours

The easiest way to update your office hours is on your Google My Business page. If you already have a Google My Business page (you really should!), then you know that updating your hours is pretty simple. However, a recent Google update now gives you  the option to update business hours in advance. By scheduling your summer hours in advance, you can save valuable time. To update your office hours, simply log into your Google My Business page. Choose your location (if you have more than one) and make your changes in the special hours section. Click apply to save your changes. It’s that easy!

Schedule Holiday Hours Too

There’s no limit to how far in advance you can schedule your hours, so you can schedule your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years hours in advance. Don’t worry if your schedule changes closer to the holidays, any updates you make can be changed at any time. A note about holiday hours: if you don’t add holiday hours, Google will display a disclaimer informing users that your hours might differ for that holiday. This can be confusing to patients, so be sure to update your holiday hours, in advance or not.

Be Consistent Across All Marketing Channels

Don’t forget to update your summer hours on your website, social media pages and online listings as well. These marketing channels are also a great place to spread the word about your new summer hours. Let your patients know that like them, you’re off catching some waves or working on your tan. Ensure that your hours are consistent across all channels by updating them all at the same time.

Want to learn more summer marketing tips for your chiropractic office? Contact us today for tips to keep clients coming through your doors all year long.

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