Schema: What Is It?

//Schema: What Is It?

Schema: What Is It?


In this week’s blog, we will be taking a look at Schema markup for web pages and videos, as well as the relationship of schema to your website’s visibility in search engines. First, let’s address the most commonly asked question about Schema markup: what is it?

Schema Markup

Schema Defined

Schema refers to all the html tags used by webmasters to markup web pages for search engines. The major search engines, Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex, use this markup to improve how search results are displayed. Improving the display makes it easier for users to navigate to the right web pages. Simply put, Schema is like a road sign along the freeway telling a driver where to go for a specific location. In the case here, it’s the essential data needed to navigate to your chiropractic website. Schema markup is not only used for websites, it is also used for TV, Radio and Video as well.

Schema versus HTML

What Schema Does

Now, let’s take a look at what Schema actually does. Search engines pull data from Schema markup and generate a “rich snippet” of information for the search engine results page. Imagine a library where all the books are properly categorized and you know exactly where to look for the information you need. This is what Schema does in a more efficient and relevant matter regarding the search query. Not all information requires Schema markup, but it is recommended that you markup as much as possible to help search engines properly understand and present your online content in the best way.


Schema-Related Tools

There are tools available to assist with Schema markup that include simply highlighting an element and putting in the details about that object, whether it be an image, address, phone number, or a website description.

Video Schema

Let’s explore Video Schema Markup and how it enables Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to index your videos and better display search results. A video on a website typically has a video, title, and a description, all of which are termed a video object. Schema does require that you add item properties, scope, and type within the video object container. You can also add properties to visual data (like title and description), hidden elements, and thumbnails for a better looking search engine result.

Schema Help

To assist and help with Schema Markup, go to Rich Snippets for adding Schema markup. The tool is easy to use and will assist you with both website and video Schema markup.

If you still have questions about Schema and optimizing your website, call 1-800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.


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