Secrets to Success on The Original Social Network

//Secrets to Success on The Original Social Network

Secrets to Success on The Original Social Network

Over the last 13 years Facebook has grown from a playful newborn into a confident adult. And the social network’s users have matured right along with it. Today’s Facebook users log in to interact with engaging businesses as much as they’re looking at friends’ recent festival selfie. Brands have the ability to build lasting relationships with followers on Facebook, that’s why we’ve created our Social Media Lookbook to help your chiropractic practice effectively engage with followers on Facebook and other social media networks.

The Social Media Lookbook is full of useful tips that will benefit your practice like finding a healthy percentage of self-promotional posts and the visual content that engage followers. If you’re more invested in your Twitter following, the lookbook also features suggestions on boosting your Twitter profile and how often you should be tweeting. You can also learn about LinkedIn and Google+ tips to improve your practice’s social media marketing campaign. It’s all in the lookbook!

The potential for your practice on Facebook is bigger than earning more Likes than your competitors. With the tips found in our Social Media Lookbook, your practice can bring in something better than Likes — new chiropractic patients through your door. Download your copy of the lookbook here. Reach out to iMatrix for even more social media resources and related lookbooks.

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