SEO Tips for Mobile-Friendly Chiro Websites

//SEO Tips for Mobile-Friendly Chiro Websites

SEO Tips for Mobile-Friendly Chiro Websites


When you want a specific type of food, are looking for a local nutritionist, or are trying to find something to do, how often do you turn to your smartphone rather than your computer? With smartphones getting cheaper and data plans getting better, consumers are turning to their phones more and more to search for local businesses.

In 2012, Kelsey Group predicted the number of mobile searches would overtake desktop searches by 2015. Current research shows that searches on mobile devices account for approximately 40% of website traffic and this number continues to grow.

SEO Tips for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Build a Mobile Optimized Chiropractic Website

Websites designed for desktop computers don’t perform well on mobile devices. Because of this, search engines rank mobile-friendly chiropractic websites ahead of websites that have longer load times.

Although Google supports three different configurations for smartphone-optimized websites,it openly recommends responsive website design. When building a responsive chiropractic website, the same HTML is used for all website content. However, CSS media queries determine where and how the content is shown on different types of devices. .

Mobile apps are not recommended in most cases because they can’t crawled/indexed by search engines and won’t show up in search results.

Compelling Content for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Develop Top Funnel Content

Compelling chiropractic content is the foundation of a mobile-friendly website. Keep the most useful content towards the top of the page for better visibility on mobile devices. When you create chiropractic content for mobile SEO, be sure to include:

•    Content promoting your chiropractic services and products
•    Detailed info about the benefits of your wellness services
•    Helpful articles or blogs – these attract potential patients looking for solutions
•    Updated new patient specials and offers to drive appointment requests

Watch Page Speed and Get Rid of Pop-ups

Per Google’s guidelines, web page content should load within a second or less. Take steps to reduce page load time since websites with longer load times may be penalized.

Pop-ups on smartphones are especially annoying because of the screen size. Avoid using pop-ups. Instead, provide chances to sign up for newsletters and provide clear calls-to-action.

Google Maps Make Websites Mobile Friendly

Optimize for Local Patients

A recent study found that 94 % of mobile users searched for local information and 84 % took action as a result of their searches.
If your chiropractic clinic has several locations, create a mobile-friendly optimized page for each location. Include a link to that location’s Google Map to make directions easy to find and to increase the chance of a new appointment request.

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Mobile users have the highest bounce rates. This means it is crucial to make your contact information easy to find for those visitors planning to take immediate action. Plan the placement of your phone number, directions, and business hours so they are easy to locate.

If you have any questions about mobile optimization for chiropractors or would like more information regarding chiropractic SEO best practices, call 1-800-IMATRIX.


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