Social Media Analytics for Chiropractors

//Social Media Analytics for Chiropractors

Social Media Analytics for Chiropractors


As with any marketing endeavor, metrics are imperative for success when it comes to managing your chiropractic social media presence.  Thankfully, a number of free metrics tools are available for each of the major social networks. Here, we will take a high-level look at some of these analytical tools.

Facebook Insights

When you log into your practice's Business Facebook page, there is a tab in the upper left-hand corner titled “Insights.” This is where you can look at the metrics for your chiropractic social media page.

Facebook Insights Dashboard

In addition to listing your post activity for the past 90 days (not pictured here), the Overview screen provides a high-level report of your Facebook Page and Posts for a one week period. You can dig down into each of the metrics (e.g. Post Reach) by clicking on the related tab.

You can quickly see how many “Likes” your Chiropractic Page has and how this has fluctuated up or down over the week. You can also view the number of users that have seen your chiropractic social media posts by looking at “Post Reach.” Lastly, you can see what type of Engagement your posts are receiving, which is broken down into Likes, Comments, Shares, and Post Clicks. Likes and Post Clicks are great metrics for determining if people like your content. Use these metrics to determine what types of chiropractic content your audience wants to see in the future.

Google Insights

The insights for your Google+ Business Page can be accessed by logging into your Google+ Business Page. Once you are logged into your Page, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on the Business Apps icon. It looks like a Rubik’s cube and is the left of the  Bell (Notifications) icon. Select “Insights” from the drop-down menu.

Google+ Insights Dashboard

In Google+ Insights, the first screen is the Visibility screen which provides a snapshot of how many people have viewed your chiropractic posts, profile, and pictures. If you click on the arrow next to “Total Views,” it will break down this total number by the type of engagement that took place.

Google+ Analytics Engagement

The real information in Google+ Insights is in the “Engagement” section. Click on the tab and scroll down the page to see the engagement for each post. The best information is in the “Average actions by post type” table at the very bottom. The bar graph tells you what types of posts are most popular. In the example above, text-only posts get the least engagement and video gets the most engagement. This particular practice has the best success posting videos to their page.

Twitter Analytics

Analytics on Twitter are a bit more complicated to track down. When a chiropractor logs into her chiropractic Business Twitter account, all she can see are Notifications and Mentions. However, Twitter Analytics are available for businesses that have Twitter Cards or Advertise on Twitter. A free, easy to use chiropractic social listening tool is TweetDeck.

TweetDeck Analytics Dashboard

TweetDeck is great because you can review analytics (Mentions, Notifications, Activity, etc.) AND you can are able to schedule tweets to be released at a future time. All you need to do is go to and sign up your Business’ Twitter Account. It will automatically pull in current analytics for your account.

Tracking analytics for various social networks can take a lot of time. Don’t get overwhelmed, get help from professionals! Call 1-800-462-8749 for a free chiropractic social media consultation from a ChiroMatrix Internet Consultant.


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