Social Media & Feedback for Chiropractors

//Social Media & Feedback for Chiropractors

Social Media & Feedback for Chiropractors


As a chiropractor, you should be paying attention to what patients are saying about you, your practice, and your chiropractic services. Social media for chiropractors is a great way to gather feedback about what you are doing right and what can be improved. Let’s look at how you can get feedback on social media.

Social Listening

Social listening enables your chiropractic practice to really learn what people are saying. There are a variety of different ways to “listen” on social media, including: tracking engagement, monitoring social mentions, checking hashtags, and using mention tools.

Social Listening for Chiropractors

Engagement Tracking

Tracking engagement with your social posts is easy. From your Facebook page, review your “Activity” alerts. On Google+ and Twitter, take a look at the “Notifications” section. By monitoring this activity you can see what your followers are liking, sharing, +1ing, retweeting, or adding comments to on your chiropractic practice’s social media. What do your patients engage with? What does the engagement tell you about your wellness products and services?

Notifications on Facebook
In addition, comments, whether they are negative, constructive, or positive will provide insight on your chiropractic services. For example, if you run a Friday-only special on adjustments, do your patients respond saying they wish the special was on a Saturday? This feedback should inform future promotions. After you post to your chiropractic social media, always keep an eye on comments.

Look at Social Mentions

How can you tell what people are saying about your practice even when they aren’t interacting with your social media postings? Social mentions is the answer. On Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, anytime a person tags your practice using the “@” symbol, you can look at the post. Make a point to respond to or engage with any social mentions (it counts as a response if you simply like or +1 a post).

Search Hashtags

#Hashtags are an easy to gather feedback about your chiropractic services. Use the search bar on each social network and type in either #YourBusinessName or a #keyword. Even general feedback that isn’t directly about your services can be helpful. For example, if you offer scoliosis screenings, you can see what people are saying in general by searching for #scoliosisexams.

Free Tools Make It Easy

There are free tools you can use for social listening. These tools will save you time by giving you an immediate alert via email or aggregate the information for you in a quick search. Useful tools include Google Alerts, Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, SocialMention, and Topsy.
Social media for chiropractors can take valuable time and resources. Need help from social media experts? Call 1-800-462-8749 for a free chiropractic social media consultation.


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