Staying Positive When Providers Let You Down

//Staying Positive When Providers Let You Down

Staying Positive When Providers Let You Down

Consumers in this age have known more product disappointment than probably any generation in history. Because of the lighting-fast growth in technology, products and services are rolled out before they’re fully tested, resulting in bugs, crashes, and sometimes even security risks.

As a small business owner, this hits you even harder because you can lose mounds of money when a product or service works unexpectedly.

There’s a way that you can turn this around and keep positive in your chiropractic business.

Ask yourself, "Is this something wrong, or an imperfection in something awesome?"

More often than you think, it’s the latter. Facebook will change your privacy settings without your permission, and it’ll feel like you’re getting screwed over by a big firm, but guess what? There’s never been anything in history like Facebook for all the value it provides. If you use it properly, you can make more money from it than ever could take away from you.

Now, suppose a web designer is three weeks late on a deadline for your chiropractic website. If you ask yourself the same thing, it could go either way, but I would lean toward the first answer, that something is wrong when a contractor can’t get something done on time. In that case, you just look at the competition and replace your provider if he or she is not measuring up. If there’s no competition at all that can match your provider, I’d treat it as an imperfection and just roll with it

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