Super Bowl Ads and Your Chiropractic Website

//Super Bowl Ads and Your Chiropractic Website

Super Bowl Ads and Your Chiropractic Website

While watching the Super Bowl, I saw a powerful example of how advertising should be for your chiropractic website.

"What is GoDaddy?" a friend asked me during the Super Bowl.

"Exactly!" I exclaimed.

She’d proven my thought, that had wasted an awful lot of money on a Super Bowl advertisement.

GoDaddy is a hosting and domain name provider. This means they can let you choose a domain name and rent you physical space on the internet to put a website up. That’s about it.

So the first mistake GoDaddy made was choosing to advertise on the Super Bowl in the first place. There is no audience more untargeted than a mass-watched TV event that "everyone" is supposed to tune into. This leads to spending an enormous amount of money selling to people who either can’t or won’t order your service.

The second mistake was in the design of the ad. It featured a number of attractive women parading around wearing GoDaddy shirts, with little to no indication of what the company actually did. So even if there were future website owners watching the ad, they would not be inspired to visit Instead, the only action-takers that might be inspired would be guys who wanted to see more women in that clothing… not the right customer.

How does this apply to your chiropractic website? For one thing, it illustrates how much more expensive advertising can be to reach a mass audience. This is why you would have a radio ad for an area close to you, but not blasting across the entire state. Secondly, this is an example of how you need to be direct and explain what you do. Don’t try to be cutesy or funny at the expense of miscommunicating your service. Remember that your ads are created to sell, not to entertain.

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