The 5 R’s of Chiropractic SEO

//The 5 R’s of Chiropractic SEO

The 5 R’s of Chiropractic SEO


The five R’s of SEO aren’t a secret, complex concept. Rather, it’s a simple method of managing your SEO to get great results in 2015.

Five Rs of Chiropractic SEO


The first of the five R’s is Review. Review your website data for the last year. Is there any room for improvement? Can you see any pages that didn’t perform well last year? Was the amount of traffic your site got what you wanted? Great tools to help with this review are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. It’s time to hit rewind, learn from the past and change the future. Keep in mind that the biggest indicator of your chiropractic website’s success is understanding past performance.


After Review, you must Revisit. Now that you understand last year’s performance, you need to revisit, or take a closer look, and information that directly impacted performance.

Focus on your overall SEO goals. Take a look at your 2014 SEO strategy. Did it work? Or, do you need to make some adjustments to attain your goals this year? You may need to start with a new SEO strategy and new SEO goals.  

Revisit your chiropractic keywords from last year and see if any of them had poor performance. Check your chiropractic website content. Do you see any pages that had a high bounce rate or low traffic?

The final step in this section is to revisit your local directory listings. Do a search for your practice name to find your directory listings. Make sure each listing has accurate information about your business and your contact details.


After reviewing and revisiting, it’s time to start planning. Re-tool is an essential part of the success of your chiropractic website and is your major plan of attack. Outline what changes you need to make in 2015. If your SEO strategy last year wasn’t success, take the time to revamp it. Learn from your mistakes and implement changes to underperforming content that has the potential to be rock star content this year.

Part of re-tooling your SEO Strategy includes re-tooling your keywords too. Think about long-tail and detailed keywords that will make your chiropractic content stand out and will drive more website traffic. The more precise your keywords, the better quality leads you will earn.


In this next section, you will put everything into action. If you re-tooled your SEO strategy and keywords, it’s time to make your website content comply with the new strategy. Revise any lackluster content.

Also, take time to revise your directories. Did you find any errors in your listing on Google+, Yelp, Bing Local, or any of the other listings? If you found any bad contact information or inconsistencies, this step allows you to make the necessary corrections.


The last R is all about rewarding your patients and yourself. When a patient takes time to write you an online review, take the time to thank them. It can be as simple as saying Thanks on their next visit or actually sending them a handwritten card.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for taking the time to improve your website performance in 2015. Be sure to take a step back and see how your efforts are impacting your chiropractic website.

Remember the 5 R’s when planning for 2015: Review, Revisit, Re-tool, Revise, and Reward. Don’t forget that the biggest indicator of future success is past performance.

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