The Chiropractic Marketing Terrain

//The Chiropractic Marketing Terrain

The Chiropractic Marketing Terrain

If you’re a traveler through the wilderness, you will find many things on your path that do not go along well with your planned adventure.  The water might not be clean, and the trails might be muddy.  Some places you need to walk through will be covered with rocks you need to climb over.

At this point, you can talk about how it’s totally unfair that your journey is difficult and that the land is not custom made to your purposes.  However, most people don’t do this because it’s obviously useless.  

You don’t judge the terrain.

It’s the same with patient behavior, Google’s new policies, and the IRS.  We’re given the land in front of us to work with, and judging it will not help anything.  This doesn’t mean we don’t’ do what we can to make it easier on ourselves, such as negotiating new terms with difficult people, or getting a good accountant for taxes, but we have to understand that just saying that something is "unfair" or "wrong" doesn’t help at all.  The most successful chiropractors do the best with what they have, and don’t question if it’s fair. 

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