The “Coffee Shop Test” for Chiropractic Websites

//The “Coffee Shop Test” for Chiropractic Websites

The “Coffee Shop Test” for Chiropractic Websites

One of the biggest hurdles that new chiropractic websites go through is effectively communicating what service you’re actually offering. Remember that your audience is not in your head and some things that seem obvious to you may elude their understanding.

Before I was working at ChiroMatrix, I was doing some freelance web marketing. To make sure that a message is getting across correctly, I created the "coffee shop test." I would be working on a website while at a coffee shop, when the idea occurred to me. I took the laptop to several random people and asked them to tell me what the website was about. If they could say so within a second or two, I knew that we were on the right track.  If someone had to stare at it for a while and got a fuzzy look in his or her eyes, I knew that there were major design and message changes needed.

It’s always good to have a random third party audience looking at your chiropractic website. Whether or not they fit your patient profile, they should be able to tell what it is.

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