The Dark Side of Ratios

//The Dark Side of Ratios

The Dark Side of Ratios

There are a lot of benefits of being a "stats junkie" for your chiropractic web marketing.  You keep track of how many hits to your website you get, what percentage requests an appointment, and what percentage shows up.  You may even keep track of how many new appointments become regular patients.

However, there is another side to focusing on stats, especially your ratios.  The tendency we can fall into is limiting our outreach to keep a better percentage.  For example, if you know that 15% of your traffic requests an appointment, that’s a pretty impressive statistic to brag to your colleagues about.  What happens if you get a new traffic source that gives you thousands of untargeted visitors?  Your conversion rate plummets.

In this situation, you won’t lose any patients or money, and you’ll probably gain more business.  The only thing that gets reduced is your bragging rights for numerical percentages.  Even that can be a dangerous incentive to limit your traffic and even appointments.  Keep your ratios in mind as something to improve, but never sacrifice your range of outreach to maintain a solid ratio. 

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