The New Google+ and YouTube Connection

//The New Google+ and YouTube Connection

The New Google+ and YouTube Connection


YouTube recently rolled out its new Google+ powered commenting system requiring users to link their YouTube and Google+ accounts. This latest update allows comments to be moderated and sorted by relevancy. Comments from the video’s creator, popular users, and your own Google+ connections will appear at the top, along with any engaging commentary about the video.

YouTube Comments Display

What to Keep in Mind with the New Update

  • When you create a YouTube account, you have the option to create a Google+ page as well.
  • If you already have a Google+ account, you will be given the option to set up a YouTube Channel connected to that account.
  • If you have a Google+ business page, you will need to be logged in to this account to make business related video posts for your chiropractic practice on YouTube.
  • When your new video is uploaded to YouTube, the video will automatically post to your Google+ page under the YouTube tab eliminating the need to share the video.

Google+ and YouTube Integration Display

How Does this Help Chiropractors?

Since users are now required to use an existing Google+ account with a verifiable name to comment, the number of irrelevant, derogatory, and negative comments on videos will likely decrease overall. You may also find a jump in the number of followers who partake in engaging conversations relating to your channel’s posted videos.

Your YouTube channel gives you access to tools which allow you to:

  • Preview comments for approval
  • Block certain words that may appear in comments
  • Allow auto-approving of comments from select followers

YouTube Comments Moderation Settings

These helpful tools will allow you to spend less time moderating your YouTube channel for negative or irrelevant online discussions.

The new commenting system also permits Google to personalize the display of their ad targeting strategies by gathering more relevant data from users. If you are using Google AdWords, you may see an ROI increase from users who are browsing Google and partnered websites for your services.

Learn how Google+ and YouTube can be put to work for your chiropractic practice, call us 1-800-IMATRIX.


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