The New Google Local Dashboard: A Chiropractor’s Guide

//The New Google Local Dashboard: A Chiropractor’s Guide

The New Google Local Dashboard: A Chiropractor’s Guide

The New Google+ Local Dashboard: A Chiropractor’s Guide


Recently, Google began rolling out a very anticipated Google+ Local upgrade. Chiropractors that have experience claiming their practice listing on Google may notice some huge changes in the Google Places Dashboard. New Google accounts that have not yet claimed their practice listing will automatically see the new dashboard.

Previous Google Places Dashboard:

Upgraded Google Places Dashboard:

For those of you who have already claimed your practice listing in your Google Places dashboard, you will see a yellow banner notifying you of the impending switch. At time of publication, Google has not yet transitioned chiropractic practices from the old to the new dashboard.

Google+ Local Dashboard: New Features Available

The upgraded dashboard gives a sleek view of your claimed Google Maps listings and Google+ Business Page for your chiropractic practice. Possibly in an effort to entice more Google business owners to sign up for Adwords Express and Offers, these services are now prominently displayed on the dashboard. At the bottom of the upgraded dashboard, a call-to-action is visible and directs you to attract more patients using the new Google Business Photos. Google Business Photos enable a practice to give a virtual tour of their practice, which is then shared on Google searches, Google Maps, and Google+ Local.

Merging Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages

The new Google Places Dashboard makes it more convenient to merge a Google+ Local listing with a Google+ Local Business Page. Previously, in order to merge the listings, a postcard with a PIN had to be requested and, when it arrived, entered into the Google+ Business dashboard.
If your practice’s phone number on the Google business listing is correct, the verification and merging process can be completed with just a verification phone call.

  1. First, while logged in to your Google account, go to Then, hit “Get Started for Free,” and complete your practice’s information in the ‘Add a Listing’ area.
  2. You will be prompted to complete the process by mail or by phone verification.
  3. After your map listing has gone through the verification process, you can add the Google+ Business Page for your practice using the dashboard. Your practice’s Business Page will automatically link to your verified Google+ Local Listing.

Part of the upgrade includes a promise to update your practice’s information on Google Maps in a timely manner. According to the upgrade message, “Most edits made via the upgraded user interface now appear on Google Maps and our suite of other services within 48 hours. As before, we may continue to moderate changes to ensure the highest quality local experience.

Why this Update Matters to Your Practice

Additional updates to this layout, including making the new dashboard universal across all Google Places dashboards, will likely be coming soon.

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