The Risks of Modeling Competitors

//The Risks of Modeling Competitors

The Risks of Modeling Competitors

When you’re marketing yourself through your chiropractic website, you can be tempted to model yourself after a competitor, especially if he seems to be very successful. This can be helpful, but also dangerous. Here are some reasons why it might not pay to copy him:

1)    He might be very good at traditional grassroots marketing and succeeding in spite of his flawed online marketing efforts.
2)    He might be successful online, but "testing" a new approach to see how it works. The version of the site you see might be the experimental version.
3)    He might have succeeded in the past, but has switched to a poor marketing team and hasn’t realized it yet.

There might be some very good reasons to learn from a competing chiropractic website, but you should always be able to articulate why something seems to be working before applying it to your own site. Blindly copying is never a good plan.

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