The Truth About “Bad Press” and Chiropractors

//The Truth About “Bad Press” and Chiropractors

The Truth About “Bad Press” and Chiropractors

A common saying in business and entertainment is "There’s no such thing as bad press."

As a health professional with a chiropractic website, you know that it’s essential that you protect your reputation.

However, it does make sense to look at the difference between "good bad press" and "bad bad press."

Here’s the distinction:

Bad bad press is when the person involved does something which bothers the fan or customer. An example would be a comedian making racist jokes and alienating his or her audience. Bad bad press for a chiropractor would be taking unnecessary x-rays to bump up fees.

Good bad press is when the person does something which annoys anyone besides the fan or customer. It’s amplified when fan or customer benefits from the "offense."  An example of this would be a rock star breaking his record label agreement by doing a free show outside of his contract. For a chiropractor, it could be be a patient’s boxing opponent publicly demanding the chiropractor be barred from the event because the chiropractic adjustments before the match were giving the patient an "unfair advantage."

Obviously, any of the above actions can have their own consequences, so don’t go intentionally looking for trouble. However, it’s always good to understand how reputation truly works when promoting yourself with your chiropractic website.

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