Track the Success of Your Video Campaign with YouTube Analytics

//Track the Success of Your Video Campaign with YouTube Analytics

Track the Success of Your Video Campaign with YouTube Analytics


Once you have begun your chiropractic YouTube video campaign, you will see the numbers in the public view counter go up. But what do those numbers mean? How can you decipher what the viewers like and don’t like about your chiropractic videos?
YouTube Analytics is a great tool for learning how viewers find your videos, how much of each video they watch, and other helpful analytics that can improve your video campaign.


YouTube Analytics: 3 Main Reports

1.Earnings: This report provides earnings-related estimates for content types and doesn’t include partner-sold or partner-served advertising.

2.Views: This report gives demographics, the ability to filter by time and by geographical area of the viewer, and audience retention to see where viewers engage (or disengage) from the videos.
3.Engagement: An engagement report tells which videos are getting the most views and the ‘social aspect’ of a video, such as how many times it has been liked, marked as a favorite, or commented on.

The three reports allow you to delve into the various aspects of each chiropractic video you syndicate. With these reports, you can filter by a time period (such as a week, month, or the life of the video) and by geographical area of the views (which can be seen in an interactive map).

The Path to Your Video

Youtube Analytics viewer sources

YouTube analytics provides a great tool that tells you where viewers are finding your video. When you completed your video, you likely embedded it on your website blog, shared it on your social media pages, and optimized the video for YouTube and Google searches. You notice that the view count for your video is steadily going up and that’s wonderful. Now, you want to know which method of sharing the video is getting you the most views. The playback locations and traffic sources sections of the View Reports will provide you with this information.

The Perfect Video Length

YouTube analytics provides you with the information you need to determine the ideal length for your video. Audience retention in Analytics will tell you the average length of a video view as a percentage. For example, if you see that the average view hovers around 75%, you know that most viewers only watch 75% of the video. If this is the case, it is a good idea to cut down the video to where the audience typically drops off. Cutting down the video can increase the effectiveness of relaying the right message in your video.

There is a lot of information in YouTube Analytics. Take your time moving through the information provided in Analytics to get a good feel for how your video campaign is doing. You can then apply this information to your future video campaigns to improve their success.
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