Tracking Success for PPC

//Tracking Success for PPC

Tracking Success for PPC

By: John DaSilva
The best way to track your success with Google Adwords is to link the Adwords account for your practice to your Google Analytics account.

 Linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account can help you analyze where visitors who click on your ads go once they reach your chiropractic website. This information can help you improve your ads and your website and help with the overall ROI of your Adwords campaign.

First make sure you have a Google analytics account already set up for your practice. If you don’t, go to and sign up for your free account.


Once you have set up a Google Analytics account, adding conversion goals is easy. If you have a thank you or order confirmation page, you can simply specify that page as a goal. No additional coding to your chiropractic website is needed. Implementing events involves adding a line of JavaScript code to your video or external link, but is still very simple to install and extremely powerful once set up.

If you do have an Adwords account make sure you have administrative access to the accounts that you want to link together.

Login to your Adwords account and click on the “Tools and Analysis” tab and select “Google Analytics” from the drop down menu.


Next click on the “Admin” button in the upper right hand corner of the gray bar.


On the “Account Administration” page, click on the analytics account that you want to link.


Click the “Data Sources” tab.


Within the “Adwords” tab click on “Link Accounts.”


In the pop up that appears choose the profile that you would like to link. Also, you need to choose “Auto-tag my links” (see image below). This will allow Analytics to start automatically tagging your Adwords links and you can then track the behavior of visitors coming from your Adwords ads.


You now have your Adwords account linked to your Analytics account.


If you have questions about PPC for your chiropractic practice, or would like to learn more about Velocity (a managed PPC service), call ChiroMatrix at 1-800-IMATRIX.

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