Useful AdWords Features for Chiropractors

//Useful AdWords Features for Chiropractors

Useful AdWords Features for Chiropractors


Google’s dominant position in the search market has allowed the search engine to create one of the most well-known and widely used online advertising tools in the world: Google AdWords. Over the years the AdWords tool, like Google’s search algorithm itself, has evolved and become increasingly complex with dozens of new features added to make it as user friendly as possible.
The basic premise of AdWords is simple. You create Ads in Google’s system and bid on positions for search keywords. When potential patients search for those keywords on Google your chiropractic ad may appear, and, if they click on your ad, you pay the bid amount to Google.

Despite its simple premise, there is a lot more to the AdWords system than meets the eye. Over the years Google has refined its service to become one of the most flexible, powerful online marketing tools in the world. Here are a few Google AdWords features that you can use to make the most of your chiropractic ad spend.

Custom Ad Scheduling

Timing is everything in AdWords. People searching a chiropractor are either looking for a practice they can visit right now, or at least a local chiropractor they can call to make an appointment. This means it is in your best interest to make sure that your ads appear to potential patients at the opportune time. Use custom ad scheduling to ensure that your ads are appearing only when you’re open, and you’re guaranteeing that potential patients are able to call you when they see the ad. This helps you turn people who see the ad into new patients, increasing the return on your investment.

Custom Ad Scheduling

Read more about this on Google’s support site.

Dynamic Keyword Ads

Everyone who has used AdWords knows that you can pick what chiropractic keywords your ads appear for. You want your ads to give searchers what they want, as this enables you to maintain good click through rates and high quality scores. What you may not know is that you can use dynamic search ads to give people exactly what they are searching for. With dynamic keyword ads, key parts of your ads can be replaced with the precise keywords that searchers are using. This means your service will match exactly what they are looking for and be as attractive as possible.

Find out more direct from Google.

Google Analytics Integration

Return on investment is the ultimate objective of any chiropractic marketing campaign, so making sure that your ads are giving you ROI can be the key to refining your campaign. AdWords reports can tell you the click through rate and impressions of your chiropractic ads, but to truly get insights into user behavior you should directly link your AdWords campaigns to the Google Analytics code embedded on your chiropractic website. By setting up e-commerce tracking and goals in Google Analytics you can generate reports that give you direct revenue generation figures for each of your campaigns. You can even view reports for individual keywords and ads. While setting up reports can be somewhat time consuming, the dividends the reports pay in the form of information on consumer behavior can be well worth it.

Google Analytics Integration

This is just a glimpse at three of the features Google has added to their AdWords system, but there are dozens more. Just like the tools mentioned here, using the other AdWords features properly can dramatically improve your chiropractic campaign’s performance. Ultimately, AdWords tools can also improve your website traffic and patient conversions.

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