Using Auto-Generated Chiropractic Ads

//Using Auto-Generated Chiropractic Ads

Using Auto-Generated Chiropractic Ads

Each year, more places show up to advertise your chiropractic website. Some places will let you auto-populate ads with a user’s location and interests.

Yesterday, I saw an ad that misused that very function. It said "California: Is it a scam?"

This very ad framework has been effective in many niches, with examples being, "Acai Pills: Is it a scam?" or "Work at Home Biz: Is it a scam?"

To see a question of if your whole state is a scam is a pretty funny experience for the viewer, but not so much to the advertiser wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Whenever you buy advertising, be careful to make sure any text that is auto-generated will make sense.

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