Using Guest Posts to Increase Website Views

//Using Guest Posts to Increase Website Views

Using Guest Posts to Increase Website Views


A guest post refers to when another person writes and publishes material on your blog or your write a blog to post on another person’s website. There are benefits to guest posting; however, you should be wary of whom to allow to post on your chiropractic blog. For instance, if you are trying to create a conversation about how chiropractic helps with pain management, make sure it is with someone who has an authoritative knowledge, such as a fellow chiropractor. While a patient will provide personal experience, they may offer incorrect information. Although you should be cautious of whom you have writing on your blog, both writing guest blogs and inviting guest bloggers to write for your site has many benefits.

4 Ways Guest Posts Are Beneficial

Increase Exposure to Your Chiropractic Business: As a guest blogger on relevant websites, you can increase your business exposure. As a chiropractor, you maintain extensive chiropractic knowledge. This knowledge can be shared with other chiropractors and wellness centers to help educate their patients while also directing more traffic to your own website.

For example, you may write a guest post for one of your peer’s websites which explains a specific chiropractic technique. In each blog post you write, include a link back to a relevant page on your own practice’s website.

Broaden Your Audience: Guest posting allows you to expose both your writing and your business to a larger audience. Guest posting also allows you to create backlinks to your chiropractic website that potential new patients can visit. These backlinks increase your SEO advantage and help make it easier for people to find you online.

Build a Brand: The more authoritative guest posts you receive and the more you post yourself, the more you will be building up your brand. By guest posting, you not only boost your own practice’s brand, but you also establish yourself as a chiropractic authority. You can also share your posts on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The more people engage with your post on social media, the stronger your brand awareness becomes.

Create Opportunities for New Business Partners: Guest posts create an opportunity for you to gain new business partners and connections. You can write a blog for a chiropractic-related business and they in return can promote your practice either through their website or by word of mouth.


By guest posting, you can help increase website views and boost your web marketing campaign. For more information on increasing website traffic call 1-800-IMATRIX today.


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