Using Hashtag Marketing for Your Practice

//Using Hashtag Marketing for Your Practice

Using Hashtag Marketing for Your Practice

Whether you’re an internet novice or a computer whiz, chances are you’ve seen hashtags used online. While they were once a cool new social media feature, (#FlashbackFriday) hashtags have become a useful tool for #BusinessMarketing. Hashtags have the unique ability to effortlessly promote your practice while also engaging your target audience. Check out these hashtag strategies to help market and grow your chiropractic practice.

Promote #YourPractice

If you want to get information about your practice out to potential patients, start with your practice’s name. Brand hashtags make use of your practice’s name or tagline. Make sure to check Facebook and Twitter to ensure the hashtag is unique to your practice. Consistently use your brand hashtags for all of your social media and blog posts. Not only will you be able to effectively promote your practice, you can also track what patients are saying about your practice.

Promotional Hashtags

Is your practice running a special promotion? Create a hashtag centered on the promotion and share it with your followers. If there’s one thing consumers love it’s a good discount and chances are your target audience will feel the same way. Promotional hashtags help to increase online visitor engagement and can quickly “trend”, which increases your practice’s reach. For example, #FreeChiroExam is a great hashtag to help convert your followers into new patients.

Understand Your Patient’s Interests

Your target audience’s social media viewing habits will depend on the type of hobbies and interests they have. For example, if you assume your patients are interested in a holistic lifestyle, it’s a safe bet that they follow #HolisticHealth on social media. Your practice can tap into their interests by including the hashtag in your best post concerning holistic wellness. Anyone who searches for the hashtag will be able to see your post and learn more about your chiropractic practice.

#Say #No #to #Spam

While hashtags can be useful for your overall SEO goals and online marketing, too many hashtags can hurt your strategy. Posts that contain too many hashtags are considered spam posts and are viewed as annoying to many online users. According to Twitter, brands should only use one or two hashtags per post. Following this rule of thumb will help make your practice appear professional while still promoting your services. Maintaining a level of professionalism is essential to keeping your client’s trust.

Social media hashtags can be a huge benefit to your online marketing strategy. Contact ChiroMatrix to learn about additional strategies to promote your chiropractic practice.

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