Using Social Media as a Public Relations Tool

//Using Social Media as a Public Relations Tool

Using Social Media as a Public Relations Tool


What is PR and how does social media fit in?

Public Relations (PR) is the management of communications between a chiropractic practice and the general public. Whether it’s a great testimonial or a bad review, people will always have an opinion about your practice. Social media gives you the ability to engage in the conversations about your practice in real time. Social media also provides the opportunity to affect the conversation, expand your brand awareness, and develop your search engine optimization (SEO).

How does social media affect public relations?

A strong social media strategy includes searching for influential blogs in the chiropractic industry and Social Media and Public Relationsparticipating in those discussions. This is an effective and subtle way to get the name of your practice out there. Twitter is also an effective tool for expanding your reach on social media. By connecting with users involved in the chiropractic industry, you can make sure that you and your practice are part of the conversation. Facebook and LinkedIn tend to be more personal than Twitter and are best utilized once you have established a relationship with followers. The overall purpose with social media is to connect with users who can help you publish more relevant content about your practice and get the word out about what you have to offer.

What is good content for social media?

Social media is flooded with content, so be certain that you have something interesting to communicate to potential and existing patients. Here are a few tips for writing social media content:
•    The message must be brief and clear.
•    Write a descriptive and keyword rich headline, but don’t exceed 80 characters.
•    Don't embed any media on social media, but, rather, share the media using descriptive text.
•    Place the link with the best SEO text as close to the beginning of the post as possible.
•    Be sure to target keywords with descriptive text and hyperlinks.

Social Media Content for PR

Social media has become a significant word-of-mouth communication method. Don’t miss out on it. Create a strong social media presence today.

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